Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Carbon nanotubes little review

Carbon nanotubes are very small (few nanometer diameter) cylinders of carbon atoms.
In detail, carbon nanotubes are graphite sheets to form long (related with diameter) thin cylinder.
This rolled-up sheet consists of one or more real tubes they are considered to be carbon nanotubes.
Carbon nanotubes are became a sort of nanotechnology symbol.

Carbon nanotubes, considering their extraordinary properties, have many potential applications.
Carbon nanotubes applications include:

Carbon nanotubes Polymers nanocomposites
- Conductive polymers
- Advanced high strength polymers
- Composites (flame retardant properties)

Carbon nanotubes in Energy applications
- Capacitor electrodes- Battery electrodes
- Hydrogen storage for fuel cells
- Fuel cells: membranes
- Solar cell improvements

Carbon nanotubes and Nanoelectronics
- Field Emission Displays (FEDs)
- Lighting elements
- Integrated circuits & memory: datastorage
- Nano-oscillators- Batteries and generators

Carbon nanotubes Sensor- General nanosensors
Other application of carbon nanotubes:
- Membranes for catalysis;- Molecular drug delivery devices.


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