Friday, November 18, 2005

Potential nanotechnology applications and nanotechnology business

Nanotechnology: Chemicals and basic nanostructured materials
  • Ultra-lightweight, high-strength, precision-formed materials;
  • Nano-composite polymers for structural and electronic applications;
  • Membranes and filters for cost-effective desalinization of water;
  • Thermal and optical barriers;Ink jet materials;High efficiency and novel catalysts;
  • Resistant textiles;

Nanotechnology in Electronics and computing
  • Miniaturized supercomputers;
  • Terabit non-volatile memory;Pervasive computing;
  • Low voltage and high brightness displays;
  • Faster semiconductors and micro-processors;

Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine: Pharmaceuticals and medical products

  • New and more effective drug compounds
  • Nearly perfectly targeted drug deliveryDiagnostics, sensors, and assays DNA sizing and sequencing
  • Bioelectronics
  • Bio-warfare protection Antibacterial dressings and coatings

Nanotechnology: Energy generation

  • Cost competitive fuel cells for automotive applications
  • Micro fuel cells for portable power applications
  • High capacity, rapid charge batteries


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