Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nanomedicine labs registry

Publication of a nanomedicine lab registry on the website ( They are compiling a list of the top nanomedicine laboratories and rank them according to citation frequency.
Info: website ffgdfgdfgd

The lab registry is comprehensive and was compiled from medline
abstracts containing specific nanomedicine keyphrases (we only include
laboratories with 5 or more publications). The database
of citation histories compiled from open source journal article
reference lists and a major OCR (optical character recognition)
campaign on our entire reference library. Labs are ranked according to
the citation rate of each individual article. For articles where we
did not have sufficient data or were too new to have citation data, we
used historical citation data from the journal and the principal
The intention with the registry is to help new graduate students and
postdocs to find high impact laboratories. This information is
probably interesting to the general public as well if they are
interested in the most productive labs.


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