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Carbon Nanotubes Polymer Nanocomposites: Topic Description, Properties, Potential Applications.

This section provides a general description about carbon nanotubes through next pages:

-Carbon Nanotubes Topic Description (this page)

-Carbon Nanotubes Structure

-Carbon Nanotubes Properties and applications

-Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis Methods

Carbon Nanotubes Topic Description

In the technological field of polymer nanocomposites, new potential applications may be obtain using carbon nanotubes as reinforced nanofibers and to impart unique electrical and thermal properties to the polymer matrix.

Due its typical structure with high aspect ratio and anisotropic structure, carbon nanotubes show characteristic electrical and thermal properties.

After verification of extraordinary mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes and its electrical conductivity and thermal properties, great excitement arise among researcher considering potential applications.

So far, in contrast of layered silicate polymer nanocomposites, applications of carbon nanotubes have been hindered mainly to production and synthesis problems.
In fact Carbon Nanotubes are now available commercially in limited quantities.

Currently, production of Carbon Nanotubes with specific dimensions and physical properties is not be achieved.

For this reasons in the last decades many research program has been developed in order to produce and to effective use of carbon nanotubes capacity.
Potential applications go beyond mechanical reinforzed nanomaterials from antistatic film packaging to every applications in which are motivated well established electrical, optical and thermal properties of carbon nanotubes.
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