Carbon Nanotubes --> Carbon nanotubes properties and applications

Depending on their structure carbon nanotubes show Properties listed below:

Mechanical Properties:
High Young’s Modulus;
High tensile and compressive strength;

Conductive properties:
High current density per area cross-section
Variable electrical conductivity
High heat conductivity
Anisotropic thermal conductivity
Superconductivity under certain conditions
Field Emission Properties

Chemical-Biochemical properties:
High specific surface area
Naturally accepted material in the body
Absorption properties (capillarity)

Depending on previous properties following list of potential (and real) application is reported:

Reinforced composites;
Flame retardant filler;
Conductive polymers;
Advanced high strength polymers;

Battery electrodes
Hydrogen storage for fuel cells
Membranes fuel cells
Solar cells

X-ray device
Interacting light element
Data storage (memory)
Field emission display

Medical applications
Drug delivery system
Artificial muscles

Other applications
Membranes separation
Chemical Catalysis Sensors

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