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nanocompositech nanocompositi commerciali


Nanocompositi commerciali

Prodotto Caratteristiche Applicazioni Produttore
Nylon Nanocomposito improved modulus, strength, heat distort temperature, barrier properties automotive parts (e.g. timingbelt cover, engine cover, barrier, fuel line), packaging , barrier film Bayer Honeywell Polymer RTP Company Toyota Motors Ube Unitika
Poliolefine nanocomposito stiffer, stronger, less brittle, lighter, more easily recycled, improved flame retardancy step-assist for GMC Safari and chevrolet Astro vans, heavy-duty electrical enclosure Basell, Blackhawk Automotive, Plastics Inc, General Motors, Gitto Global Corporation, Southern Clay Products
M9 High barrier properties Juice or beer bottles, multi-layer films, containers Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company
Durethan KU2-2601
(nylon 6)
Doubling of stiffness, high gloss and clarity, reduced oxygen transmission rate, improved barrier properties Barrier films, paper coating Bayer
Aegis NC (nylon 6/barrier nylon) doubling of stiffness, higher heat distort temperature, improved clarity medium barrier bottles and films Honeywell Polymer
Aegis TM OX Highly reduced oxygen transmission rate, improved clarity High barrier beer bottles Honeywell Polymer
Forte nanocomposite improved temperature resistance and stiffness, very good impact properties automotive furniture appliance Noble Polymer

Nanocariche commerciali

Prodotto Caratteristiche Applicazioni Produttore
Nanomers microfine powder nylon, epoxy, unsaturated polyester, engineering resins Nanocor
Closite Organophilic Additives, enhance flexural and tensile modulus, barrier properties and flame retardance of thermoplastics Southern Clay Products
Bentone With a broad range of polarity Additives to enhance mechanical, flame retardant and barrier properties of thermoset and thermoplastics Elementis Specialties
Masterbatches pellet thermoplastic olefin and urethane, styreneethylene butylene-styrene, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate PolyOne Corporation, Clariant Corporation, RTP Company
Nanofil Improve the mechanical, thermal and barrier properties Thermoplastics and thermosets Sud-Chemie
Planomers additive, enhance mechanical barrier properties, thermal stability and flame resistance electric and electronic, medical and healthcare, adhesive, building and construction materials TNO
PlanoColors nanopigments, e.g. blue, red, green, yellow, high UV-stability decorative coloring, UV-stable coloring, heavy metal free coloring TNO
PlanoCoatings additive, excellent transparency and improved barrier properties transparent packaging materials, protective coatings, transparent barrier coatings TNO
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