Nanotechnology business

Because of its potentially large impact on many industries, nanotechnology is widely considered to be a revolutionary technology that could obliterate business models and restructure vast parts of the economy.
BMBF, 2002; CMP Cientifica, 2002; luxcapital, 2003.
Nanotechnology business

NANOTECHNOLOGY BUSINESS: Many potential nanotechnology industry applications and nanotechnology business opportunities

Industrial applications of nanotechnology are strictly bonded with nanotechnology business.

Current industrial applications of nanotechnologies are mainly related to the field of materials production.

It's worthwhile to note that in some (and widest) sense nanotechnologies techniques has been applied for decades in industrial applications such as semiconductors. Enlarging this point of view chemistry use molecular reaction for century, that can be considered per se nanotechnology (in some case sub nanotechnology).

Moreover, because Nanotechnology is in an early stage of development, it is difficult to forecast its commercial potential with an acceptable level of accuracy.

So far We have highlighted the potential disruptive strenght of nanotechnolgy but, at present, the influence of nanotechnologies on industry can be considered as evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Nanotechnology business current data

Nano Business Alliance, 2001; DG-Bank, 2001 estimeted in EUR 54 billion world market in nanotechnology in 2001:

Nanotechnology funding
Country Current funding for on nanoscience and nanotechnologies
Europe nanotechnology R&D is about 1 billion euros, two-thirds of which comes from national and regional programmes.
Japan Funding rose from $400M in 2001 to $800M in 2003 and is expected to rise by a further 20% in 2004.
USA The USA's 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act (passed in 2003) allocated nearly $3.7 billion to nanotechnology from 2005 to 2008 (which excludes a substantial defence-related expenditure). This compares with $750M in 2003.
UK With the launch of its nanotechnology strategy in 2003, the UK Government pledged 45M per year from 2003 to 2009.
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Other key data are:
Nanotechnology business forecast

Estimates of the nanotechnology market - by 2010-2015
USD trillions: 1.1


Source: National Science Foundation

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Related potential nanotechnology applications

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